Bent Over Row | Bent Over Barbell Row Guide

Bent Over Barbell Row

What Are Barbell rows?

Bent Over Row is also known as Bent Over Barbell Row is an exercise to strengthen your middle back muscles. This exercise targets your back and it depends on which bent over row form you are using. It is used for bodybuilding & powerlifting. Biceps, Lats, & Shoulders muscles are used in this exercise. This is a beginner level exercise and requires pull force.

Bent Over Barbell Row

Exercise Guide:

1. Take a Barbell, add some weight to both side of it. Whatever suits you and keep in front of you.

2. Stand straight with two feets gap will be equal to shoulder. Bend yourself to knees and grab the barbell with squat down with overhead grip (thumbs down). Keep your hands width on barbell more than your shoulder.

3. Hold the bar in front of you with overhead grip and keeping your waist in straight standing position.

4. In Starting position, bend your knees keeping waist back straight. Let the Bar goes to pass your thigh to below the knee level.

5. Now pull the bar upwards to your chest.

6. Squeeze your shoulder simultaneously going upwards.

7. Then leave the bar to coming back in starting position.

8. Repeat again for no. of reps & sets you want to do.

Safety Points to Keep in Mind:

1. The position of the bar while pulling upward must be correct. Don’t bring too high to the chest or too low to stomach.

2. While coming back to starting position from upwards, don’t lose the weight quickly. Release the bar slowly. Wait till Count 1 at top position.

3. If you have back problem don’t do this exercise or ask your trainer. You can also use a weight belt for lifting the higher weight.

4. Most importantly Keep your back straight, eyes looking forward. Don’t use much weight.

5. Do this exercise in front of the mirror so that you can see your position.

6. You can do a Low Pulley Row instead of this exercise if have back problem.

7. Must keep the perform form and never move the back forward as this can cause Back Injury.

Bent Over Row form:

There are 5 form of this exercise represented in the bent over pics below.

Bent Over Barbell Row
A standing bent-over barbell row with overhand grip
Underhand grip row ending
Underhand grip row ending
T-bar row end
T-bar row end
T-bar row start
T-bar row start


Bent Over Barbell Row Alternative:

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